Practice with Samuelito

Practice guitar online with Samuelito, during a free live youtube session ! next starts in :


Online guitar Coaching

120€ /month

√  personal advices by samuelito

√  weekly videos

√  whatsapp support

√  Private online page with all the videos 

How does that work ?

Send a video every week by whatsapp or wetransfer to samuelito, of you playing and asking questions. you will get on a personal online page a video by Samuelito answering to all your questions, sharing advices and giving exercices for you. Your private page will contain all the videos from this coaching. The videos are downloadable.

WHO is it for ?

For all the persons who plays either flamenco or classical guitar, and who are searching for a private and weekly guitar coaching. No need to schedule classes, send the video whenever you want, use the private whatsapp line to ask your questions even if you already sent your video.

Is you have questions about guitar techniques, flamenco music, classical guitar music, if you want to learn pieces, falsetas... this coaching is made for you !

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